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Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors 26/06/2017

Whenever it comes to enhancing the design of my abode, I always opted for hardwood floors. It can make my house look more beautiful and captivating. But what frustrates me is its cleaning process. It's quite difficult to wipe off the wooden floor because most of them are pre-finished, which can leave unfinished cracks between the floorboards if you use too much water.

Even, using a vacuum with a beater bar could leave a scratch on a wooden floor. This means hardwood floor requires more care and thus, it becomes essential to use the correct method for its dusting and cleanliness purposes.
While the most suitable set of tools are essential for proper hardwood cleaning, the right technique would make it easier to get the job done, without any damage. Below are the cleaning tips that I always follow to clean my hardwood floor:
1.     Clean Dry Dust

Before you get into the thorough cleaning process, make sure you collect all the dry dirt and dust particles either by vacuuming or sweeping. Also, don't forget to remove the dirt from the corners as most of us focus only on the centre part of a wooden floor. 
2.     Wash  the floor

Next, pour a significant amount of water, along with the wooden-friendly cleaner into your washing bucket. Now, dip the mop into the bucket and wash the floor thoroughly.
Make sure your mop has a microfiber pad as it protects from damaging the outer part of your floor. Also, carry a fluid spray so that you can spray the solution wherever needed. This can help you remove the stubborn stains.
3.     Give your floor a final touch

Once you are done with the washing process, you can attach a polishing cloth on your mop so that you can apply a floor restorer.
I prefer you to consider this step because it can make your floor look shiny and new. You can use the solution in every 3 to 7 months to retain the glossy look of your hardwood floor.

4.      Hire an Expert

If you don't have enough time to clean your wooden floors on a regular basis or if there is any occasion, then you must hire a decent cleaning company that can clean and protect your floors from tough stains and infectious dust. If you are living in Sydney, you can trust boldcleaning.sydney Services.
They use the environmental-friendly techniques to clean every bit and corner of your wooden floor in a matter of few hours. With their superior guidance, you can get rid of annoying hardwood floor cleaning process at ease.
These are the few cleaning tips that made it easier for me to rejuvenate my wooden floor, without any scratch or crack. You can also feel free to implement these tips while cleaning your hardwood floor. 

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